Oilcloth Fabrics

We have one of the biggest and best selections of oilcloth fabrics in New Zealand with designs which have been likened to those of Cath Kidston.

With a great selection in-store, this versatile fabric is ideal to cover kitchen chairs, or to make a tablecloth, door stops, cosmetic bags, picnic mat, highchair mat and even bags.

We have two types of oilcloth, PVC coated cotton from England and Enduit which is an acrylic coated cotton or linen made in France.

The PVC coated cotton is a thicker fabric, has a glossy or matt surface and is easy to wipe clean. It’s ideal for upholstery.

The enduit is machine–washable with a matt finish. It’s a finer fabric with more drape.

The oilcloth is $45 to $50 per metre and the widths range from 130 to 160cm.​​​​

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